Wednesday, 11 January 2012

I went to Sheppey today with Bob Bland.Our target bird was Lapland Bunting.Bob had seen the birds a few days ago and had had good views of the birds both in flight and perched on a fence.However today,despite it being nice and bright we only managed to get flight views.Once the birds had gone down into the field to feed they were impossible to see.We estimated the flock to contain at least fifty birds.This must be one of the largest flocks to have been recorded in Kent.
Whilst we were there Derek Faulkner came walking up and put us onto a distant flock of one hundred and fifty W F Geese that were feeding way over on the Swale reserve,Thanks Derek.Its nice to put a face to such a excellent Blog as his is.
The Buntings are feeding in fields not far from Muswell Manor.

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