Friday, 23 March 2012

I went back this morning to try and find the Chiffchaff and possibly catch it.However after looking for over an hour I gave up and started walking back to the car.I had only gone about fifty yards though when I heard a Chiffchaff singing (normal song) and low and behold it had a ring on its leg.There way no way I could put up a net,so I took as many photo`s as possible.When I got back home I transferred them onto the PC and guess what,it looked like a normal Chiffchaff,but for that brown rump.I had to go back and try again.
Late afternoon I was back,I put up my small 20ft net where I had first seen it yesterday and only after about five minutes it was in the net,but was it the same bird?.In the hand the bird was a normal (c.Collibita) Greenish tinge to the upper parts and rump.After taking the ring details I took in hand photo`s and then released it.
Back home I transferred the photo`s and yes-----a brownish rump and upper-parts with no hint of green,so can the camera lie--YES.

I almost forgot the ring details,yes it was one of my birds,but a nice re trap.It was ringed at New Hythe in the east scrub as a juvenile on the 11 08 2010 and is now holding a territory at Holborough.

A true Siberian,tristis Chiffchaff can be seen on this Blog under March 2009.It was seen in the same spot where to days bird was trapped.

I heard my first Blackcap at Snodland this morning.

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