Saturday, 17 March 2012

March 17th (Holborough marsh)

I managed one and a quarter hours (8:am-9:15am) at Holborough this morning before rain stopped play.Although it was only a short visit it proved to be well worth while.The most interesting find was a BRENT GOOSE (61) which I saw flying south along the river.However moments later in turned and headed back north,a direction more befitting a spring bird.In our area it is much more usual to see autumn birds sometimes in large flocks during the months of Oct and Nov,more so during the 1980s/1990s,when they pass over mainly in a southwesterly direction.I have only one other record of a spring bird,a lone bird which flew off in a northeasterly direction from Abbey Mead on March 25th 1976.

In the scrape area I saw (8) Snipe (4) Gadwall (25) Teal (15) Mallard (2) Shoveler (2) Greylags (10) Moorhen (6) Coot and (1) Grey Heron.In the arable field Pheasants numbered (11) and Lapwing (6).One STONECHAT possibly the same bird I saw a few days ago,although I believe more likely to be a different bird was also present.There must have been an overnight fall of Chiffs,because I saw or heard at least (6).Greenfinches at Holborough I am pleased to report are present in good numbers with many singing males in the area.Several small charms of Goldfinch are also still much in evidence.Four COMMON SANDPIPERS were present at the high tide roost.
A number of common birds which I am still missing this month which I would have expected at Holborough are Mistle Thrush,Little Grebe,Red-legged partridge,Sparrowhawk,Lesser Redpoll,Meadow Pipit and House Sparrow.


  1. Alan.
    Nice to see your getting a variety of birds at Holborough, as for the H/Sparrows, I have always had a good number in my garden, most days there is normally around 15-25 feeding on and off.

  2. Hi Ken,yes we have good numbers in the garden,but on the marshes and in the lakes area,its not a common bird.