Tuesday, 3 April 2012

clear to start,however later in the morning it clouded over,still (10:am-11:30am).

This morning I was hoping to hear perhaps a Sedge Warbler,or possibly a Willow Warbler but it wasn`t to be.I did manage to find (40) species though,with Meadow Pipit (67) being a new bird sighting since I started a yearly list from the beginning of March for (Holborough marsh).The most notable birds I found this morning were - Water Rail (1) calling from the reed bed,Kingfisher (1) flying along the river,Cetti`s Warbler (4) Great Spotted Woodpecker (2) Common Snipe (2) Teal (10) Linnet (1 pair) Lapwing (4) Shelduck (4) and Fieldfare (6).
I had no sightings of either Gadwall or Shoveler.The river was high and consequently very few Gulls were seen,only (4) Black-headed and (2) Herring.

I had the garden net up for a while this afternoon and caught (4) Goldfinch and re-trapped a Reed Bunting (male) that I first caught on the 24-11-2011.


  1. Alan.
    I hope it isn't too long before you see your 1st Sedge or Willow at Holborough.
    Nice photo's of the Spoonbill at Dunge.

  2. Hi Ken,next week I should of thought.