Monday, 30 July 2012

(08:30-12:30) sunny with a refreshing SW breeze (high tide around 10:00).

This morning I walked around Oare marshes with Bob Bland.We saw a total of (45) species of bird,the best  by far being a PURPLE HERON.We watched it fly in from the east (maybe it was the Grove Ferry bird) and then drop down towards the back of the west flood.

Birds that we saw - Purple Heron,Grey Heron (3),Little Egret (5),Cormorant,Turnstone (6 Swale),Curlew (Swale),Whimbrel (6 Swale),Common Buzzard (2 Harty),Kestral (2 Harty), Marsh Harrier (2 Harty), Linnet ,Oystercacher,Redshank (100+),Greenshank (4),Ruff (1) Dunlin (20+),Avocet (100+),Common Tern (6),B T Godwit (800+),Golden Plover (50+),Mute Swan,Wood Pigeon,Turtle Dove (1),Coot,Moorhen,Water Rail (1),B h Gull,YELLOW-LEGGED HERRING GULL (1),Meadow Pipit,Yellow Wagtail (1),Swallow (4),Bearded Tits + young,Lapwing,Reed Warbler,Sedge Warbler,Pied Wagtail (1),Mallard,Greylag,House Sparrow,Green Woodpecker,Pochard (family),Wigeon (1),Herring Gull,Starling,Snipe (1).

We also saw - Small Skipper,Small White,Meadow Brown,Gatekeeper and Scarce Emerald damselfly (2).


  1. What a result Alan, was it the juvenile bird?

  2. Hi,yes it did look like a young bird.
    Since they changed the design of these Blogs a few months back I cant figure out how to edit a post and then re publish,the post today looks a right mess.

  3. Hi again,I have just had a word with Bob and to him it was just a Purple Heron,so its probably best to leave it at that.

  4. Super find Alan. I looked for it today (tuesday) but with no luck.

  5. Hi,shame we didn`t notice it until it was almost overhead.