Saturday, 8 December 2012

December 8th

I only saw one of the Waxwings today.Two Ravens flew east over Brooklands car park and on Holborough marsh three Little Egrets were present.

I have just received three recoveries from the BTO.

Y221956  Reed Bunting. ad female. ringed at Snodland (garden) Kent.24-Jan -2012.

found dead (cat). Beeston Regis,Sheringham,Norfolk. 28-Mar-2012.188 Km NE.

TP94656  Greenfinch  juv male  ringed at Snodland (garden) Kent. 26-Aug-2012.

found dead.Tick attached to neck.Snodland Kent.02-Sept-2012.

EW87927 Sparrowhawk.young female.ringed Snodland (garden)Kent.09-Sept-2011.

found dead (hit wire).Aylesford Kent.24-Oct-2012.4Km east.


  1. Hi Alan

    Well done of the Waxwings, and glad someone else is getting the Ravens, there have been 2 sightings of singles in as many months over the research in East Malling. Quite some journey that Reed Bunt did from your garden!


  2. Hi,I`ve had some good recoveries with my Reed Buntings,one last year was controlled at Spurn,bird obs.Its nice that the Ravens are doing well.

  3. Hi again,my birds were feeding on the same berries as your birds.