Tuesday, 26 February 2013

February 26th (GARDEN WAXWINGS)

Waxwings at last,six birds sitting in our rowan tree,peering down at the apples which I have been putting out as bait since November 2012.Everything was looking good,my garden net was already in place,my heart was thumping,then gone----a passing car spooked them---damn.
Will they return,not yet at least,its now 1400 and they were in the garden for all of forty five seconds around 1100.


  1. I hope they come back soon Alan. And I hope the sun is shining when they do!

  2. Alan ,
    What a shame after all your waiting .
    Part of the Wouldham flock ?

  3. Hi Phil,yes I certainly hope they will.Your Blog continues to be good reading,my head thumps when I sit and try to write, must be old age creeping up.

  4. Hi Greenie,quite possibly yes,they may return I hope.

  5. I pray for you, Look forward to tomorrows write up and photos......... hopefully!

  6. Alan.
    I feel for you mate, it would have been great if you could have ringed them.
    I know how you feel. Earlier this week in the afternoon I had 29 Waxwings in next door in their tree, like you I was hoping that they would come to my apples but no.