Sunday, 10 February 2013

January 21st-February 6th (South Africa)

Jeanette and I had one week at Lakeside Lodge,which is in the Entabeni Safari Conservancy reserve (Waterberg Biosphere` area) and one week at Zimbali Lodge,a large estate that contains forests and lakes on the Dolphin coast,just north of Durban.It has a bird list of nearly 200 species.

Although the rainy season,I`m pleased to say we had nice weather throughout our two weeks stay.The people who stayed at Lakeside the week before we arrived however,were not so lucky and had seven days of rain.



  1. Alan ,
    I thought you must have gone away when the blog went quiet .
    What a fantastic trip and super birds you found .
    The colours are wonderful .
    Is that Red Bishop for real ?

  2. Hi,yes we both had a great time.The Red Bishops are unreal,especially in display flight.