Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bright,not quite as cold.

I was hoping to hear my first Chiff this morning and I wasn`t to be disappointed.Well I was in some way,as it was just a short burst,though  I suppose this was not surprising considering how cold it still is.A Goldcrest was present in the same bush.
On Abbey Mead duck numbers continue to fall and I saw just 8 Gadwall,4 Pochard,4 Shoveler and 45 Tufted Duck.Walking past the Sunken marsh,1 Water Rail and 2 Cetti`s Warbler called and a Green Woodpecker flew over heading towards Burham.A quick look at the river produced 1 Redshank,1 Shelduck,4 Gadwall and 40 Teal.In the trees on the opposite bank,14 Herons were on nests.

 It appears that Terry Laws had a better visit than me.He looked at the river later and had five wader species,Lapwing,Green Sandpiper,Common Sandpiper,Oystercatcher and Redshank.He also had four Waxwings sitting in a tree near to Brook House.

When I got back home I re trapped the garden Blackcap.Its weight had gone down rather than up, (18.6),perhaps this was due to the recent very cold weather.At this time of the year,I would expect it to be trying to put on weight,providing that is it intends to fly back to central Europe for the breeding season.

A recovery came through this morning of one of my garden ringed Reed Buntings

ringed (garden,Snodland,kent) 17 01 2011,re trapped (garden) on the 12 12 2012 and then found dead at Snodland (address unknown) on the 17 01 2013,731 days.

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