Saturday, 4 May 2013

PAST TIMES ( May 6th,8th,9th,1980 )

May 6th,strong easterly,bright.

Abbey Mead - 7 Common Terns,1 Black Tern,1 Little Gull,1 Wheatear,4 Yellow Wagtails,50 Swifts,200 Sand Martin,50 House Martin,1 Nightingale,2,Dunlin,1 imm Cormorant,caught two Common Sandpipers.
Alders lake,Leybourne - 5 Common Terns.

May 8th, overcast,cold,moderate east.
Abbey Mead -  caught 4 Common Sandpipers,1 Black Tern,500 Sand Martins,no Swifts,6 Yellow Wagtails,1 Nightingale and 2 Wheatear.

May 9th,overcast,not as cold.
Abbey Mead - 1 Black Redstart.


  1. Nice one with the Black Tern and Little Gull. Hopefully a few Black Tern will pass Reculver soon.

  2. Hi.past times Marc,1980,but I wouldn`t mind a few of those now.