Monday, 25 November 2013

November 25th.

I went out this morning trying to find a HOOPOE that Jeremy Hall had seen yesterday in the Sandy lane area of Snodland.However,despite me spending a good three hours looking,there was no sign of it.

Yesterday,Jeremy last saw the bird flying towards the sand quarry.If its feeding a lot down in there,it could well remain hidden for long periods of time.I walk our dogs in Sandy lane most mornings,so I think Jeremy was a very lucky boy to have seen it.Of course,it may well have been a bird just passing through,but I would have thought at this time of the year its been around in the area for a while.


  1. Alan ,
    I thought about trying for the bird too , but after looking at the quarry on Google maps , came to the same conclusion . Next one perhaps .

  2. Hi,been looking over the past week,but no sign of it.