Monday, 3 March 2014

March 3rd (New Hythe)

Seeing as up to 2 Bitterns have been reported recently in the Brookland/Abbey Mead lake area.I popped down there this morning to try my luck.I  made straight for Abbey Mead and the NE corner.Where in previous years I have been successful in locating Bitterns.Almost immediately after I had arrived,I heard a Black-headed Gull making one hell of a racket.On me peering through the hawthorns which overlook the area to see what all the noise was about,a Bittern flew in and dropped down,but unfortunately out of sight.

This now makes my New Hythe total for the year to just (54).1,m still missing,Redpoll,Siskin,Stock Dove,Oystercatcher,Common Sandpiper,Green Sandpiper,Goldeneye,Goldcrest and Treecreeper,all of which I should have seen by now.


  1. Glad you found the elusive New Hythe Bittern Alan. The biggest surprise to me this Winter is the lack of Goldcrests at NH. Over the last few Winters I have recorded up to nine around the site at any one time. Siskins too have been absent, although that seems to be the case further afield too.

  2. Hi Phil,your right,but now I can`t hear there calls,I must miss a few.