Thursday, 3 April 2014

April 3rd (Leybourne)

During a short visit to Leybourne Country Park this morning.I heard a NIGHTINGALE in song,which proved to be my earliest spring record,by one day.

I believe Blackcaps are back in good numbers again this year.I heard four within quite a short distance of each other.

Later in the afternoon a noisy flock of Herring Gulls over the house,alerted me to a passing PEREGRINE.

Yesterday at Snodland,I saw my first Orange Tip and Speckled Wood of the year.


  1. Alan ,
    That could well be the first sighing anywhere .
    I certainly haven't seen any other reports from the South East . Well done .
    If it had arrived a few days earlier , I might have got it on my visit last week .

  2. Hi,it only gave a short burst of song,so I was lucky to have heard it.