Monday, 7 April 2014

April 7th (New Hythe)

Overcast,with drizzle at times.(0900-10:00).

This morning,I was hoping the conditions would bring me my first hirundines of the year,but it was not to be.However,I did see a nice GREEN SANDPIPER along the river and I heard two more Nightingales,I have now had three birds in at New Hythe,I heard my first on the 4th.All three are early this year,there could well be more.Nightingales do not usually arrive in any numbers in the area until the second week of April.

While I was in the area,I couldn`t help but notice large piles of rubble at the side of the dirt track between the Sunken marsh and Abbey Mead Lake.This I presume will be spread along the track to able fisherman`s cars to travel along.It may make life easier for the fishermen,but it will deprive birds such as Nightingales,Thrushes and many more species of a large foraging area.


  1. I think we need to brace ourselves for a lot more fishermen activity on the country park side in the near future Alan. There's even a large mound of the stuff at the base of the mound on Brooklands side as well now.

  2. Hi Phil,yes I think your probably right.