Monday, 21 July 2014

I went for the Bonaparte`s Gull at Oare marshes this afternoon.I first looked for it on the east flood,but without any luck.I was just about to make my way to the river wall to see if it was feeding out on the Swale,when along came Bob Bland and Jeff Wynn.They said they had seen it earlier that morning,feeding out on the Swale,not far from the slipway.Then though,the tide had been a lot closer in.When I arrived at the wall the tide was almost at its lowest.I scanned through the feeding Black-headed Gulls for almost thirty minutes,when eventually I noticed a Gull that looked promising,but it had its back to me and was standing way out on the tide-line.I watched it for about five minutes,before it turned its head and yes,it had a Black bill !.It then started to feed,but all the time walking even further away.After about thirty minutes it took flight and looked as if it was making its way towards the east flood.

As I was making my way along the road back to the east flood,I came across a very obliging Sedge Warbler.

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