Monday, 7 July 2014

July 7th (New Hythe)

I was down at New Hythe nice and early this morning (05:00).I had three nets up by 05:45 and with churring and whistling calls of Nightingales all around me,I sensed it could be quite a good session.

(05:00 - 09:30) Birds ringed. (west and east scrub)

Nightingale  (2) 1 ad and 1 juv)

Reed Warbler   (1)

Sedge Warbler  (1)

Chiffchaff   (1) + (2) retraps

Blackcap   (2)

Common Whitethroat  (2)

Great Tit   (3)

Blue tit   (1)  

Dunnock (3)        


  1. Alan.
    A nice selection of bird species caught and ringed. I didn't realise the situation of the Sedge Warblers.

  2. Hi Ken,most Sedge Warblers are now found in the reed-beds along the river Burham/Holborough,though now in smaller numbers.