Sunday, 7 September 2014

A nice surprise this morning was the capture of two Lesser Whitethroats.These are my first for the year.I was only saying a short while ago,how I thought that this year they have been rather thin on the ground.One was a typical plumaged bird of the year and the other a presumed adult.However the bird showing adult like plumage (adults have a complete post breeding moult,so at this time of the year the plumage should be very fresh).showed signs of wear on the wings and tail feathers (perhaps it moulted earlier than is usual).

The other day I found one of my ringed Goldfinches dead.It was a road kill and was only about one hundred metres from my house.

Y221851  found dead (fresh)  29 08 2014 Snodland.

ringed in my garden at Snodland  23 09 2011.

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