Monday, 13 April 2015

Light overcast,calm (0530-0830).

I managed to trap two Nightingales this morning,both were new birds and both male.One was caught in a traditional territory by the pylon in the east scrub and the other bird in another long standing territory in the Brook House area.

Both of these territories last year were held by my oldest ringed Nightingales,then in 2014,at seven years old.It looks as if they may have both succumbed,but I havn`t giving up hope just yet,as both birds over the years have changed their territories at least once before.

Two Oystercatchers which are usually to be found feeding along the Medway.Were this morning both seen feeding on the short turf in the east scrub!.


  1. Alan ,
    Thanks for the heads up on the songsters .
    Must be magical to see one that close .

  2. Alan.
    Unusual place to find oystercatcher, still what a great find.
    Nice to hear about the Nightingales.

  3. Hi both,yes its nice to have these great songsters back for another year.Ken good site tick with your Red Kite.