Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Empidonax flycatcher sp ,Dungeness,1700,showed well,even though it was raining for most of the time I was there.(most likely Acandian).

I knew about the birds presence at Dungeness at around mid day.I often look at the rare bird map most days,just out of general interest.It had been raining most of the morning and a quick glance out of the window confirmed it was still doing so.Should I go for it,or not,would it still be showing in such atrocious weather.I had these thoughts running through my mind right round until 1530,when I finally cracked,grabbed my bins and camera and went for it.All the way down to Dungeness the rain was getting heavier and the light poorer.I had thoughts,would it go to roost early,I almost turned back at one point.When I finally arrived and saw a gathering of several  hundred birders peering into a garden (south view cottage),I felt elated,that was until I was told it had not been on show for some time.After about fifteen minutes though the rain at long last eased and birders to my right said they could see the bird,but could I,No.Then at last it flew into my view,first perching below a bird table.Then even better on a satellite dish and garden bench.A few hand held,high iso photo`s later and I was well pleased.

Boy,was I pleased I hadn`t left it until today,Wednesday.I went to Rye with my daughter and Jeanette and on the way back home decided to call into Dungeness again to see the bird in better light (1300).When I arrived though,instead of  a large crowd,there was just a tv crew and Dave Walker present,The bird had apparently departed,or departed this earth over night.Why was that big red star still on show,that's the second time I have been caught out.Can the rare alert people not wait until the birds presence has been confirmed.

Thanks to the Plodding birder who found the bird and the owners of south view cottage for being so generous.


  1. Alan.
    You did well getting a few pictures of the bird. When your watching a mega bird like this you can occasionally forget about the weather.

  2. No Alan. Couldn't have come at a worse time. Down in Devon seeing family this week, you have no idea how feel after hearing that news.😤
    I don't suppose you could persuade it to stay around, like go and trap it???????,

  3. Hi,sorry Ken,but have a good time all the same.