Monday, 9 November 2015

I had 1X40ft net up this morning in the west scrub.


Goldcrest  (6)

Siskin  (1)

Robin  (1)

Blue Tit  (6)

Dunnock  (1)

Long-tailed Tit  (3) + (2) re traps

The Siskin was a nice surprise.Considering just how few there are in the area.

Both of the Long-tailed Tits re traps,were ringed in the west scrub.One on the 28-04-14 and the other on the 19-08-10.

Going on the six Goldcrests which turned up in the net this morning,just how many must still remain in the area?.

Last years Pochard X Ferruginous has returned to Abbey Meads and there has been the occasional sightings of Marsh Harrier in the area.

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