Thursday, 14 April 2016

Since my last visit a few days ago more Nightingales have arrived.In the Brook House area this
morning there was at least 3 singing males,possibly 4.One of these birds was singing in a territory that last year was used by my oldest ringed Nightingale of eight years T677063.I erected a net and fifteen minutes later I had the bird in my hand.Unfortunately it was not the bird that if it had returned would now be nine,but a male hatched last year.I have not yet given up hope.He has over the years moved within the Park three times.last year he missed the BTO record for oldest ringed Nightingale by one month and nineteen days.

Although I only had the net up for twenty minutes I caught three more birds.A pair of Great Tits and a Treecreeper,the  last of which was a nice surprise.I also heard a Cuckoo calling over towards the river,my first for the year.

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