Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May 4th (New Hythe)

This morning I re trapped Nightingale T677063.This is the bird I particularly wanted to catch this year as he is now 9 years old (fledged in 2007).I must thank Glenn Honey who informed me a few days ago that he had seen a Nightingale with a ring in an area of the Park which I only rarely visit.So thanks again Glenn.

This area of the Park,is about four hundred metres away from the territory he held last year in the Brook House area.I believe he was pushed out this spring by a bird which turned up in the territory on the very early date of April 4th.This was a second year bird which I ringed on the 5th.

This morning I also ringed two new Nightingales,one in the Brook House area (which now makes 4 there) and one near the (Dipping Pond),all are males.

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