Tuesday, 18 October 2016

News during the week of a long-billed Dowitcher at Oare Marshes.Promted myself,Bob Bland,Trevor Maynard and Jeff to pay the place a visit.We arrived at just after 0830,but after scanning the East Flood from the road for almost an hour without any luck.We concluded it possibly had departed,or was feeding somewhere out on the Swale.However at around 1100,we were scanning the flood again,but this time from the comfort of the hide.When Trevor and myself simultaneously found the bird feeding along the edge of one of the islands.We then all walked round to view the bird from a slightly closer distance from the road.In all we saw 54 species,the best being,2 Stonechats,6 Little Stints and Dowitcher,which was a first for Trevor.

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