Saturday, 17 June 2017

June 10th-17th (Wales)


  1. Hi Alan. That brings back memories from when Pam and I use to go. We use to stay on a small farm at Brechfa, close to Brechfa forest, so I know the area where you both stayed. If you ever drive over the big moor you will see a sign with a horse on it, a sheep and a pot bellied pig, it was one of two who use to wander out of the gate onto the moor so the owner painted it on there, we use to turn off at the New Inn out of Carmarthen.
    I saw my first several number of kite at the abattoir at Llanybydder, which as you know is on the left as you go towards Lampeter
    I saw my first dipper and grey wagtail at Cenarth Falls, and choughs at Ellegug Stacks, and another thing we use to like doing wes to drive right through the Elan Valley to Gigrin Farm.
    It look like you both had a very good time, I love your pictures, a great selection, but got to say that I like the ones of my favourite bird best, the red kite. Nice post.

  2. Hi,i agree its a nice part of Wales.