Wednesday, 21 November 2018

November 21st (New Hythe)

Still remaining cold,but less windy.
This morning I decided to have a look at Abbey Meads lake.To see if the recent run of easterlies had brought in any goodies.As I scanned through the recent arrived flock of Pochard,which numbered about 100 and Tufted Duck 70+.I did see 3 Wigeon and what I first thought was a Scaup,but under closer scrutiny.It turned out to be a female Tufted Duck,with a very distinctive white forehead patch.

 Bottom,2 of the three Wigeon.


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  2. Hi Alan. I removed the 1st comment because I made too many spelling mistakes. Nice to read that the wildfowl number is increasing. Nice pic of the female Tufty. I can see how it could be mis-identified.

  3. Hi Ken,nice to hear from you.Hope you are keeping well.