Thursday, 11 November 2010

November 11th (Garden)

There was only one thing for it this morning,what with the wind and rain and that was to stop indoors and watch the birds in the garden.I saw (2) Blackbirds,10-15 House Sparrows,(4) Blue Tits,(1) Wren,(30) Starlings,(4) Chaffinch,(8) Goldfinch(which is the most I have seen in the garden) and (1) Greenfinch.The latter species is now a very scarce visitor,so I was pleased to see it.Only thing was the next time I looked out of the window,a bloody cat was running off with it.I`ve put wire netting all round the edge of the lawn area which had been quite effective in stopping the cats,but some how this one managed to get through,it probably went underneath.


  1. That poor Greenfinch was one of millions of birds every year I think. What a waste.
    As for New Hythe, the only bit of excitement for some time was the Bearded Tits in the sunken marsh. Hope to get down there in the morning, got to keep trying!!

  2. Yes keep trying but most important enjoy.I know its difficult these days,I quite often come home depressed.