Friday, 19 November 2010

November 19th (New Hythe)

I popped down to the streamside lake between to see if the Bittern was showing that Phil had seen there earlier during the week.Although the conditions were ideal,nice and calm,I had no luck.I did however see a small flock of Siskins in the company of Goldfiches feeding in the Alders that run along the southern edge of the lake.I also had a look at the scrub areas and noted that the west scrub in particular held good numbers of Redwing,at least (50) along with a small number of Fieldfare and Greenfinch,all of which were presumably feeding on the abundant hawthorn crop.

In the garden the first Reed Bunting of the autumn was seen,it was feeding on some seed I had put out on the lawn.Three Goldfinch were also present on the Nyger feeder.


  1. Hi Alan.
    Like me the Bittern wasn't going to show for you, still I don't think it is going to go far.
    Well done with the Reed Bunting in your garden, still waiting for my 1st of this Autumn

  2. Hi Ken,the lakes are rather quite at the moment,I think were need some colder weather to bring in the wildfowl,like the good old days.The Buzzard was a good sighting over the lakes.