Monday, 20 December 2010


  1. Hi Alan

    The highlight of a gloriously cold but invigorating walk around the lakes at Snodland this afternoon was 2 chiffchaff in the Millstream area. All the lakes were ice covered and some of the free flowing dykes and streams were also frozen. A strange sight was a fox walking along the western side of Abbeymeads Lake. The animal was about 30 metres out from the bank. A similar experience some 3 hours later. I assume it is the same (hungry) fox.

    Other sightings included:
    Wigeon (2 on Medway); Gadwall (2 on Medway); teal (4 on Medway); Shovelar (14 on Millstream); Pheasant (3); Heron (1); Kestrel (1); Pied Wagtail (2); Blackbird (50+); Redwing (200+ mainly in small flocks of up to 12 birds, but many singles); Long-tailed Tit (15); Goldfinch (3 different flocks numbering 8, 17 and c75); Siskin (2).



  2. Hi Bill,yes I would have thought its the same Fox.Nice record of the 14 Shoveler on the Millstream,I have only seen one on there before.There was one drake in the small marsh by the car park on the 21st.