Monday, 20 December 2010

The lakes remain frozen,apart from a few small open areas on some of the larger lakes which are crammed full with mainly Coots and a handful of Mallard,Shoveler,Tufted Duck,Gadwall,Great Crested Grebes and Little Grebes.Many of the wildfowl appear to have moved out (I only saw two Pochard) it would be interesting to know where they have gone.In past years when the lakes became frozen over hundreds moved onto the nearby Medway.However I looked at the river this morning and only the usual duck were present apart from (6) Gadwall and (1) redhead Goldeneye.
Other birds that I noted were - Redwings (100+) Fieldfare (20) Mistle Thrush (1) Song Thrush (3) Cetti`s (1) Bullfinch (2) Sparrowhawk (2) Bittern (1) a flyover bird,Snipe (2) Kingfisher (1) Goldfinch (30) and Several small parties of Tits,Great,Blue and Long-tailed.

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