Tuesday, 17 May 2011

MAY 17th.

This morning I saw the pair of Oystercatchers along the river at New Hythe and then later on in the afternoon I had two L R PLOVER feeding on the river bank at Holborough.
A little Owl,a bird I havn`t seen in the area for a number of years was also seen today along (Birling road),heading out of Snodland towards Birling.


  1. Hi Alan, surprised about your little owl comment. Always had them behind my old house (I have now moved to ryarsh) and in the oaks on the corner of stansted road. Great reading your blog! Well done with all the recent signings.

  2. Hi Steve,nice to hear from you,yes Little Owl,not as common as in the past I think,unless its just me!.