Wednesday, 18 May 2011

This morning I looked at the river (Medway) from New Hythe and Holborough,it was low.
Birds I noted were 18 Grey Heron,10 Mallard, 3 Canada Geese,7 Shelduck,8 Mute Swans,2 L B B Gulls,6 Herring Gulls,60+ B h Gulls,50+ Carrion Crows,4 Coot,1 Oystercatcher and 1 imm/adult Whooper Swan.
The Whooper Swan is the same bird I first saw at New Hythe (Railway lake) on March 30th of this year.It was then seen again in the lakes area on a number of occasions,being last seen there as far as I know on April 6th.
I recorded the bird when I first saw it as immature,but now I`m not so sure,is that just staining on the neck and wing feathers?,the bill is very bright.

Ken,if you read this it was last seen heading your way.

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