Wednesday, 14 September 2011

September 14th (Halling Common)

Clear SW river low.
I had a walk out on Halling Common this morning and one of the first birds I saw was a Common Tern flying up the river.Although they turn up regularly at New Hythe lakes and I have seen them on the Medway many times in the past,this is my first record for Halling since I started this Blog in 2009.
Other birds that I saw Cormorant (8) Grey Heron (1) B H Gull (100) Common Gull (6) Herring Gull (5) Lapwing (3) Jackdaw (3) Common Crow (4) Starling (100) Magpie (8) Greenfinch (20) Meadow Pipit (4 over) Swallow small movement south (40) Sand Martin (3) south,Common Whitethroat (3) Lesser Whitethroat (2) Robin (2) Pheasant (1) Blue Tit (2) Great Tit (3) and Blackbird (2).

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