Friday, 16 September 2011

Patchy cloud,light SE river low.
This morning I had a look at the river and also had a forty five minute stint at sky watching from Brookland mound (Raptor watch point).
Along the river I saw (3) Gadwall (10) Teal (35 Mallard (5) Cormorants (7) Grey Herons (1) Little Egret (5) Lapwing (2) G B B Gulls (1) Herring Gull (32) B H Gulls and (2) Kingfishers.

Due to the change in the wind direction I had hopes that something good might pass over but it wasn`t to be,but none the less I didn`t do that badly.
Sparrowhawk (3) Buzzard (1 up over the Downs) Hobby (1) Stock Dove (4) and Jackdaw (1).There was also a light but steady movement of Swallows with a sprinkling of Sand Martins passing through south.
Although Jackdaws are not very often recorded at New Hythe there is in fact a movement of birds between Leybourne where the roost is located and Burham where the birds feed,these flocks can sometimes be seen passing over the the lakes.


  1. That sounded quite productive Alan and a nice selection from the view point. I've been meaning to ask if you ring birds anywhere else or if you would like to? Just on a one off basis or more often? If not, it doesn't matter it was just a thought. Cheers Al

  2. Hi Alan,I do have other ringing locations such as Leysdown Coastal Park,but I very seldom ring there now due to disturbance,dog walkers etc,I also have this problem at Leybourne Country Park.I would be interested in other sites if you had one in mind,I would be willing to give it a go,cheers.

  3. Hi Alan, it could be at Sissinghurst, the warden thinks it will be fine, if you are interested and you think it practical maybe we can get together.

  4. Hi,thanks for that.I`m free most days now (retired)mornings are always best,let me have some dates and I will let you know and we can look over the area and decide if its practical to ring.

  5. Great stuff, I'll have a look where I am and get back to you in the next few days.